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The Dream that Never was....(re-writing the ancient dreams ~Pt1)

December 09, 2003 1:48 p.m.

I came into this world before it began. Writhing and kicking, in a violent contraction, I tore a hole in the nothing that spanned a universal legnth. The blood that ran thick and fetid from the womb of the world, dripped in thick clots forming planets and voids, galaxies and moons. I was shivering and cold and so I ripped the placenta from the uterine wall and flung it hard into the ether, where it lodged in a space fit for a sun. In doing so I was burnt and ceased to exist bodily; I am the first spirit. I have no form, only substance. I am Yani. I am Peace. I am the Silence that descends with the black of night. I am the unattainable dream. I have seen all. I have learnt much.

For I am no creator and I am no destroyer. I am both male and female and nothing at all.


In the beginning there was nothingness. Only Peace and silence and a Sun burning brightly in the vast void. And me,Yani. The first Spirit. I saw the birth of life. I have been witness to wars, fires, famine and floods. I will see the ultimate end. And await the next new beginning. I am timeless. I simply am.

Once there was a shudder. A rumble like a growl from the bowels of something so deep and cavernous, you could fall forever and never reach the bottom. Cracks appeared in the nothing and out crawled a spider. Her names was Leita, which means 'little one'. She began to weave. And as she did, the Miriyans did appear. Small darting objects like fiery embers that harried here and there, creating mishief, burning and scalding the vastness untill it recoiled in on itself, attempting to consume itself rather than be burnt. But as Leita weaved the Miriyans became trapped in her glittery black web, where they struggle and shine, even still. For the Miriyans are the stars.

And Yani watched as little Leita, with her small black body and spinldy spider legs, wove and wove. A kaliedescope of colour and hue. Chaning with each angle, changing with each new perception. And so the world was spun, a tapestry of illusions from which we hang suspended in the nothingness that once was.

And Leita, tired from her weaving, scurried back into the cracks of the bowels of the world, sleeping in the Land of the Shadows were now she weaves the dreams of men.


In the Land of Shadows, in a cesspool of fire and blood, a single tear dripped from Leitas eyes as she yawned. It hissed and spattered and a moan came from somewhere deep in the conflagrant pool. Conception had accured and as Leita slept she dreamt. Visions of a dark beauty, a terrifying Queen. And She rose, draped in a robe of blue flames, a vision of death. Pangari was birthed from the weaver of the world, the mistress of illusions had dreamt her into being and now she stood, ready to reign from her Shadowy throne.

From her breast came a ripping sound that roared like thunder, and from the fertile tissue, sprang He of the fallen. Myall was the collector of souls. Brother of Pangari. Blood of blood and bone of bone. He had been birthed by lust, by passion, by all things choatic and unstable and he became the God of chaos. A dark and brooding God of the Shadows, collector of the fallen souls.. Myall and Pangari made love in the bowels of the world, consumed and obsessed by their incestous desire and from the semen that spilt a river of sulphur appeared. It is this river that calls out to the sins of men. Where they bubble and boil, awaiting their final debt. For when a damned man falls, Myall collects and vomits his soul into the river where Pangari drowns him in his own foul and fetid sins.


Upon the world there came a serpent. Her reptilian scales all the colours of the world. Her breasts hung heavy and full and lands broke away, forming rivers, valleys, oceans, mountains and canyons. Whence She came from, no one knows, even Yani knows not. But She dispappeared as quick she came and changed the scape of the world forever more. Some say she was dreamt into being by Leita. Others say the nothingness bore her from the same black womb of the First Spirit.But before she left she gave the Land a gift. Caretakers. They sprang from her belly and sang life into being. They copulated and from them came the Ancestors, the Great Ones that formed the tribes of people who cherish and protect the world. Thus was the birth of men.



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The Dream that Never was....(re-writing the ancient dreams ~Pt1)

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